Online game and text game

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Hey everyone! If you're too douche to read my entire post here's the practical advice in one line: Do online game. Use Brad P.'s Textual Chemistry.

Now please read my post 🙂

So yes I'm still around, and actually just came out of a long term relationship just a few months ago, so I'm back in the field again. But I will not get into my relationship story here since I'm sure it doesn't interest anyone and, it's personal.

Anyway, 2+ years have passed..

and the times have changed.

I don't mean that I have changed. I haven't really.

THE FIELD has changed.

Mainly, if you're out to meet girls, for a quick adventure and especially for meeting a long term girlfriend, here's a very quick summary of the field in 2015:

Clubs are out. Online is in.

You can debate me on this in the comments if you want, but I doubt anyone will actually disagree. And this trend will only grow stronger.

I mean clubs are still fun and night game is definitely good for the soul. And daygame is always good in my book since it's basically meeting girls as you go about your day, and that's always awesome.

But as far as effectiveness and the amount of girls available to you, nothing comes remotely close to online dating. The gap is so huge it's ridiculous really, no matter how good your real life game is.

I look at it this way: If your workplace is one hour walk away, it's very healthy and fun to go to work by foot. But taking the subway will get you there in 10th of the time. No matter how fast you walk. So the choice is up to you.

Lucky for me Brad P., who has snapped me out of my virginity back in the day and has been by far the top guide to getting girls in my life, arrived at the same conclusion as I and the rest of the world, and is into online game now as well.

Actually he's been doing online game since Myspace (remember that site haha), but he's definitely stepped it up dramatically.

So during the few months after my breakup, here's a very quick recap of what I've been doing:

- Getting all down and whiny over the breakup - about a couple of weeks.

- Feeling ok already, starting to go out again, re-reading some of Brad P's stuff that got me laid in the past.

- Getting some results (makeouts, first lay after about 10 days).

- Getting into online game (mainly Tinder and POF).

- Overwhelmed by the potential and getting more positive responses than I expected, but getting a lot of flakes or no responses as well. Getting some dates but not with the top girls there.

- Getting Textual Chemistry, which is basically Brad P.'s material about online game. It covers the whole scene and texting (watch his video on the link, no point in me repeating everything here).

- Tweaking my online and text game as instructed.

- Seeing much better response rates and much easier conversions to dates literally immediately.

- Even seeing better conversion from dates to lays (explained below). I am not looking for a girlfriend at the moment as I just broke up with one, but you're bound to see better conversion with that as well (again I'm getting into that in a moment).

So Brad YET AGAIN gave a radical boost to my game results.

online dating sucks

Now about 'conversion' of dates to lays: As I said the material helped me here too, when you go on a date which originated online it's a bit different than with a girl you met offline.

However, what happens on the actual date also depends on your overall personality and game, since it's already a real life date. Of course this applies even more if you want a girlfriend and not just one night stands.

If you're in need of a 'complete overhaul' of your game and personality when it comes to dating I can recommend 30 30 Club which takes care of exactly that, and I've actually received a few emails from guys who took it and had great success with it, since it's a step by step long term program. It's more organized than the way I went through Brad P.'s material back in the day.

But, to stick to online game which is what this blog post is about - if you want to get ahead of that, I highly recommend the 'Brad P. online dating package' which I used.

Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions. And honestly if you're one of the dudes that hates online game, trust my personal experience you're just doing it wrong.

Brad P. The Pheromone Kid success – Field Report

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Hey everyone! Without further ado here is my field report about the Pheromone Kid success which I promised in this post. Please read that post for very essential information. The nuances are crucial and cannot be delivered in a blog post. Listen to the Pheromone Kid interview to get the hang of it, seriously. The field report is so to get you inspired and prove to you that IT WORKS.

pheromone kid 10 minutes seduction

The pickup:

So I'm out at the club. It was not too crowded and the atmosphere was cool. I was approaching a lot, sort of in 'work mode', i.e. dedicated to approaching but not doing it like a robot and a soulless freak. I was putting my heart in the approaches, but just made sure that I'm doing a lot of them - as a rule of thumb, not missing out on obviously cool situations. I didn't approach girls with boyfriends or bullshit like that, but any 'classic' situation, I pushed myself to give it a try.

Most of the approaches were not going anywhere, I wasn't harshly rejected except one girl (who most would define as a 9 I believe), who didn't blow me out rudely but kind of answered coldly and then just stopped participating in the conversation waiting for me to leave. I counted to 10 and left, moving on, no hassle, no hard feelings.

In fact, all this action kind of got me 'in the zone' and I decided to try do the Pheromone Kid move. I tried it one time before and and the girl was like laughing a bit and said 'no thanks'. It was in good spirit so no tragedy there but nothing real came out of it. In retrospect, I think I did it too much out of the blue without any vibe, so it fell flat. But anyway I decide to go for it again.

So there's a cute girl there sitting near the dance floor which I was eying before and already knew that she's there with girl friends so I figured maybe she'll be open to this approach (won't be worried about her male friends or boyfriend). I came over and said 'hey'. She says 'hey'. Started some neutral conversation. How's your night and so on. Did the horse girl opener from Instant Attraction. She laughed. Atmosphere was positive between us - this is key. Then I went for the kill.

'Hey listen, all this talking to you and you're quite a hot girl, has made me kind of horny. Now I'm not going to be rude and try something physical with you so quickly, but I'm like going to the bathroom to like, relieve myself. Would you like to come and watch? I think it will be kinda hot'.

She looks at me for a few seconds and goes 'that's the craziest thing I've ever heard'. I improvise: 'doesn't it make it even more hot?' She's says: 'hmmm..' I don't let her finish her thoughts and say 'come on let's go to the bar'.

Basically she didn't buy into it right away as you can see. But she wasn't freaked out and the vibe didn't turn sour. I avoided the maybe-upcoming awkward moment by immediately offering to go to the bar - which is cool because we can change atmosphere, have a drink together and I can try to escalate, regardless of the initial 'come with me to the bathroom' thing.

So we went together to the bar. Now you may be thinking: "ok so, you made the move, she didn't buy it, now you went to the bar which doesn't necessarily mean anything. how come you say it worked?"

Well here's why. Once we arrived at the bar like 20 seconds later, her entire attitude changed. She became much more sexual towards me. The bar had $2 beer so I just ordered 2 beers without asking her what she wants, making it obvious that we're just getting cheap drinks together and it's not that I'm 'sponsoring' her alcohol or anything.

Once we had the beers in our hands she started getting really close to me. Seductive looks, putting her face right in front of mine, sexual silence. It was more than obvious that she was looking for me to make a move and kiss her. I put my beer on a table next to us, she did the same right away without even looking at it. You have to be a moron not to move for the kiss now and I did.

We started making out like mad. She was all over me, hands all over me and constantly venturing towards my dick but not really getting there, which I figured was because we were in public, and she wasn't ready to go that far in public. It was like her saying 'I want to, but not here'. I was wondering if I ask her about the bathroom again, if she will comply this time. But decided not to take the risk. Why? I firmly believed it's full on, why start with bathroom stuff? I need to try to pull her home. That's what crossed my mind anyway.

I took her by the hand and said 'let's go out and get some air'. We went out and walked for like 2 minutes - which was towards the taxi stand (deliberately on my part). We kept sexually touching with our hands (hands touching hands sexually) during this time - meaning it's still very on.

Once we were near the taxis I said 'I know a place we can get some great drinks, come on'. We just went into the taxi. She knew what's going on 100%. Gave the driver my address, went to my place and went upstairs. Put some music on, started kissing again, and had a wild night. Mind you no alcohol was consumed not at my place and even in the club, we bought the cheap beers and left them there without taking even a sip.

So that's what happened, and here's my short recap and analysis:

  • Went out, kept good mood and active mood (approached a lot). Many approaches didn't pan out, no worries. If anything it got me to be more daring.
  • Got in the daring mood, tried the Pheromone Kid move on a girl. Started with milder conversation, vibe was positive so went for it.
  • She did NOT fall for it per se. I didn't take her to the bathroom. Avoided awkwardness and told her let's go to the bar.
  • This was key because in this very short walk to the bar, the PHEROMONE KID MAGIC happened. While she didn't fall for the move per se, it got her really sexual and horny, she literally made up her mind she wants to have sex with me, period. This would have NOT happened if I didn't run Pheromone Kid. Bottom line is Pheromone Kid turned the tables here.

Pheromone Kid definitely works -- but be flexible how you run it. She may not fall for the initial opener per se, but it can get her super sexually charged and if you play it right, you hit the jackpot. I think me creating a positive vibe before running the actual opener and spinning away from awkwardness when it presented itself was key.

Go and run Pheromone Kid. But be sure you get the feel of this method 100% right before you do, otherwise you'll just be the worst freak. The interview of Pheromone kid with Brad P. does a very good job with delivering this method.

Hopefully my report got you inspired! Ask questions in the comments!

The Pheromone Kid

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It worked for me boys and girls!! The second time I tried it. so it's time to share the story.

First of all I would like to apologize for not updating the blog for a while! I've been doing a bunch of stuff lately which I may write about on another post but I would like this post to concentrate on The Pheromone Kid and on my first hand experience with his method.

So 'Pheromone Kid' is a nickname for BradP's natural friend, a dude who invented, and applied numerous times, in night game as well as day game, a '10 minutes seduction method' where he's getting girls into the nearest bathroom/toilet with him for sexual action literally 10 minutes after he approaches them. It ends in a lay many times but even when it doesn't, things get hot and heavy anyways (they just stop somewhere short of a lay, but there's still heavy stuff going on).

Basically Pheromone Kid has a specific type of approach he is using for this, which is a combination of certain things he says and a general laid back, 'take it or leave it', 'i'm no threat it's all in good fun' attitude. Plus he is very attentive to the girl's responses and he tones himself up or down according to her reactions -- this is KEY.

Because with what he does, it's very easy to appear as a freak, so the attitude and working with the feedback you get from the girl really matters here, even more than the words. For these reasons it is essential that you listen to the audio interview with him (it is more than 3 hours long).

The nuances that he delivers in the interview with BradP are CRUCIAL for this to work and there is no way to shortcut this into a blog post or a forum discussion or whatever. If you just read about the method in a nutshell and try it in field, all you will do is appear like a freak, and miss out on a very potent method of getting girls into sexual situations very rapidly.

So I am not writing this post so to 'describe the method' because as I just wrote, that will defeat the purpose (the purpose being using it CORRECTLY so to get women into sexual situations very quickly). You need to listen to the interview. But what I am going to do is write a 'field report' of how I implemented this method, and how it kicked ass for me, since I'm still kind of psyched about how I got this to work first hand and so quickly.

To be continued.. Expect part 2 in the few days!

Some insight about the character of model girls

Posted on September 15, 2012. By Daniel R. (guest at the Brad P. blog)

Hey all, this is Daniel and I am posting as a guest on Matt's blog. Thanks to Matt I got exposed to Brad P. and although I dare say I have pretty good game of my own I really like what I heard from Brad P. so far. So when Matt offered I will write some of my own insights here and I am more than happy to do so. This post will be about high caliber girls.

I have done some modelling photography projects. Models are just like any other girl, often very afraid though, because they have come from far away, often on temporary (I kid you not) "modelling visas", and have signed up for a modelling agency whose "bosses" make sure they get back to the agency within twenty milliseconds of the end of a session (so much for approaching them!).

Only a few support themselves as models (doing catalog work for huge chain store catalogs), whereas the real millionaire "supermodels" are not even a part of the scene. I would say that models are more "people" than even normal girls, because they see right through the "social matrix" about buying products to get girls. And I disagree that they get "hit on all the time" because during model shots we apply lighting and makeup (two hours!) and then use Photoshop to fix their zits and love handles. They are lost in a dream.

Most support themselves either as high class hostesses at restaurants for minimum wage, or work on the side as $2000/hr escorts. But! Unless they are coming from a fashion shoot, you would hardly recognize most of them as even being "models".

I don't like models, during actual business work. But they are fun to talk to when they are in the real world.

Contrary to ordinary belief, it is relatively easier to get these 10's (high caliber girls). I think people put these hot girls too much on the pedestal. Guys you have to know that these girls are still humans who eat and take a shit just like everyone. They have more insecurities because they know that they get too much attention because of their looks and they also know that they won't be beautiful forever.

You don't need any METHODS for these girls, jeeez. Just treat them differently (like an ordinary human being with a mind of her own) than all the other millions of men are treating her (putting her on the pedestal like a sex object) and she will be much more interested in you.

Carrying on from what was said about beautiful women and their flaws - I have 4 elder sisters and since the beginning of puberty until now I've been surrounded by their friends and have been able to become accustomed to the world's greatest "curiosities" that are women.

One in particular stands out in my mind: she's the best friend of my 2nd eldest sister, is an Investment Banker so is incredibly intelligent and is absolutely drop dead gorgeous - I'm talking 9.5 out of 10.

Every single fucking guy I've heard her moan about or bitch about has been way "below her" according to my sister, her friends, society, blah blah blah - and it always amazed me how a woman of such "caliber" could get caught up in such shitty relationships. Then it hit me: every single person in the world has been so fazed by what the girl looks like that she just cannot catch a break.

Honestly - I've been to bars with my sister and her friends and counted in one night about 30 or 40 guys either stare at her or whistle from afar (but not dare to approach) and only have the balls to do something when they're fucked off of their faces on Coronas thus making assholes of themselves.

Now I appreciate that it's really not that difficult to get these women because other people - men, women, their families and society in general - has ostracized them. Think about it: this girl can't go out alone without some idiot trying to look big in front of his buddies and making a crude comment so they become incredibly adept at spotting bullshitters from a mile off.

And that's why they end up with guys who do have the balls to approach them but treat them like shit because such men will oftentimes have many women at their disposal.

It must be fucking tough to have other women bitch about you out of spite; men assume you're a bitch because you intimidate them because of what you look like and the world think you've been given everything to you on silver platter because you've got great tits.

Actually being genuine to these girls makes a BIG positive difference.

So much about mentality. Now about appearance - I was going to write some tips here but influenced by Matt I did check out Brad P.'s Fashion Bible and it definitely hits the spot 10 times better than me when it comes to standing out positively looks wise.

So if you follow this lead about fashion plus the mentality I gave you above you should be hitting homeruns soon enough.

Daniel R.

Brad P.’s Fashion sense continued – Sexy Stereotyping

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Continuing my fashion post! Sorry for being late! In the previous post I described how every girl has a 'fantasy man' which is usually comprised of what she sees in the media throughout her childhood/teenhood. E.g. rock/pop stars, actors etc. If you can somehow be the realistic version of her fantasy, you basically accomplished a large part of the pickup before you even approached, i.e. things go much much smoother right off the bat.

This is what Brad P calls 'sexy stereotyping', and this is what allows him to pick up 'superfly' girls without being some kind of celebrity or loaded with cash etc.

So this was my inspiration, and once I implemented this in my own game I definitely started seeing interactions going much smoother. See my previous post about my Spain lay as one example. Girls many time comment on my clothes and say 'you dress really cool' or 'I love your style'. This in my opinion translates in their mind that I AM COOL in general, and this is conveying a lot of good stuff, and most importantly it works in that the rest of the interaction is going much better.

A couple of clarifications about 'sexy stereotyping':

  • As I wrote above you aim to be a REALISTIC version of their fantasy man. This means you don't try to outright imitate a certain celebrity because that is retarded. This is hard to explain in this post but you get the exact feel of what needs to be done in 'the fashion bible'.
  • The outfit you choose needs to sit well on you personally. I think this is the cause of most problems of pickup gurus students, that they do something that doesn't sit well on them just because 'the guru does it'. You need to feel comfortable with what you do and it's up to the pickup guru to give you the tools for doing so in my opinion!

So the way to achieve 'sexy stereotyping right off the bat' is the way you dress - i.e. fashion. As "the Fashion Bible" really gets into huge details about how to do this right and it helped my game I recommend it here. Instead of making a huge post about this I decided to attach the table of contents as an image so you can get the picture.

Brad P.’s Fashion sense and what it means for your game!

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I've been asked to speak a bit about the whole 'fashion sense' thing that Brad P teaches in his 'Fashion Bible'. This has significantly helped boost my own results, and I know this because a few times girls straight out positively commented on my outfit and it seemed to have smoothed a significant part of the interaction.

Sometimes an interaction with a girl can really feel like an uphill battle and it's always nice that you have some 'built in weapon' to make things easier right off the bat before you even do any kind of talking. So dressing the right way does seem like a good way to achieve this and it proved itself in my case. The only question is "what is the right way to dress" and this is where Brad P's 'fashion sense' worked for me.

Most PUA teachers I was taking advice from don't really use fashion and the way they dress as a tool to boost their results (or at least they don't talk about it). Some of them just say 'dress your best' which is ok but duh, some say 'it doesn't matter at all how you dress' which is completely not true in my personal experience. Sure you can succeed picking up girls even when you dress bad but once again, it's going to be a uphill battle you are forcing on yourself for no real reason.

Now some PUA's definitely pay attention to the way they dress and they tend to dress very outlandish. This is pretty much forcing yourself into a corner because you have to have game and personality to match your too bold fashion statement. And it also appeals only to a very specific subset of girls. So really too many stars need to align for this to work on a regular basis.

brad p fashion bible

This girl definitely has a sense of fashion :))

So what I learned from Brad P is what I call 'calibrated dressing', which is dressing in a cool way both to be aligned with your personality and with the girl's desires. Basically every girl has a 'fantasy man' which is something comprised of what she saw in the media as she grew up. Usually it's some kind of tv star, model, pop/rock star and so on. Basically you want to fit that dogma in the way you dress, but not in an outlandish way, and it needs to sit well on you personally.

Most girls in my and my friends' experience are very forgiving about looks in terms of you not having a pretty face or a six pack. In fact it is by far less important to them than the way you carry yourself in terms of outfit and 'vibe'. I have proven this to myself infield about 10 times by now.
Don't get confused having a six pack and being a pretty boy will definitely help your result, but not as much as the above, so fashion sense is a much higher priority.

One thing is losing extra weight - I think it can fit into fashion sense in my opinion because it radiates that you neglect yourself. Not having a six pack or not being model-like looking doesn't radiate that you neglect yourself, it makes you just normal because most people don't have these things (myself included) yet they get results due to their fashion sense, personality, and game.

Going out soon so have to wrap - ok so tobe continued in part 2 should be this weekend! A lot more to write on this!

Laid in Spain – Continued

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So here is the breakdown from approach to close in the nightclub in Seville:

Basically I went with 2 male friends to party in Seville on the weekend. Walking around we stumbled upon a pub/club with a dance floor which looked pretty crowded and there was no cover charge so we just went in. Sorry but I can't remember the name of it, not sure I even looked to check. We just saw a party so we waltzed in 😉

As mentioned in Part 1 I was dressed a bit stand-outish, but not freakish (following BradP's advice in the Fashion Bible. I was with 2 friends who were also looking to get laid (but they weren't seduction community guys or dedicated pickup artists or anything like that) so I could approach a lot without my friends discouraging me.

I initially approached a couple of girls at the bar. No English on their side. This is common in Spain by the way, take into consideration that more than half of your approaches will be immediately cancelled out by the girl speaking no English (and also not willing to 'get physical without a word being said', in case some of you are wondering. Typically Spanish girls just doesn't go for this..). So first approach is 2 Spanish girls at the bar, but no English. I try to keep some more minimum interaction going for a few more seconds just so to keep the social and positive vibe on.

Now this is mega important so to keep 'social anxiety' off the table. Always be doing some social stuff, talking, approaching, keeping 'impossible' interactions going for a few more seconds even though those specific girls will not go to bed with you. Don't do this in an overtly obsessive and creepy manner, be easy going about it all, but still do this.
This attitude (which I learned from BradP's approach anxiety drills, does wonders for me in my approaches here in the US and definitely did in Spain where many girls didn't speak English. It kept me 'on a roll' even though the environment was not easy to say the least.

Anyway a few more approaches went by and on to my 'golden' approach: there was a girl on the border of the dancefloor, just standing there with her friend. I think she just wanted to dance but the floor was too crowded. Or whatever. I stand next to her and start talking: The Horsegirl opener. I know this is soooo corny if you're an avid BradP student, but hey, the girl isn't 🙂 So why not go for it. So I go "do you like horses?" She looks at me and says "yes". Speaks English, that's a start.. I continue with the opener, and her final response is "I can't be the girl you know that likes horses, because you are not from here." D-u-h. She didn't really laugh at the opener but she seemed ok about me talking to her.

I take her to dance without asking and even though the dance floor is pretty crowded. This is so to get touching going right away, 'blow me or blow me out' style as BradP says, but once again not in a creepy manner. I keep mentioning this 'not in a creepy manner' thing because as I wrote in my 'about-me' page, 'getting touchy' is something mentioned almost by every PUA teacher, but what made the difference for me personally was the 'delivery' of it in a more positive and fun vibe, which makes all the difference in my personal experience, and this distinction was made in my head thanks to BradP only.

She accepts the dance gesture and we start dancing. Her friend just keeps standing there but smiling, so she was ok with it. Also we're still very close by to her friend, so it's not really that she is 'left behind'. We talk while dancing quite a bit but no 'material' was used, just the basic stuff of where I'm from, why I'm here, about her and so on. She comments on my outfit (said 'I like your clothes') so this proves the whole fashion bible thing.

While dancing, I didn't want her to quickly go back to her friend and leave me in the cold (this happened a few times in the past) so I offered we look for my friends and have a seat or at least stand around and have a drink together (most tables seemed taken). So we were 2 girls and 3 guys now, with me obviously going for one girl and 2 of my friends with the other girl, so unless something kinky was in the works (some weird 5-some, which wasn't really on the table), my friends were pretty much winging me and not much else at the moment.

As we are standing there all of us talking, I ask my girl if she wants to go to the bar so we can buy drinks. She says she and her friend don't drink alcohol but she can come with me if I want to buy drinks for me and my own friends. Good sign since she goes with me even she doesn't even want the drink. In line to the bar I just try to kiss her. She goes for it. This was awesome.

So I'm psyched that it's going cool, at this point it's pretty much 'don't screw it up' as far as I can understand it. Keep it all positive and try to get her to leave with you as soon as possible (as long as once again 'you make it sounds right' and not make some sudden weird move like "hey ok drop everything let's go right now to my place and fuck" or something).

So I think about all of this while we are waiting at the bar. Wanting to try to get her to leave with me quickly (again thanks BradP for emphasizing this over and over), and knowing that she doesn't even want a drink, I decide to go for a different scenario. I tell my girl: 'hey you know what, the line here is too long and drinks are expensive here anyway. Let me ask my friends what they want to do'. We go back and I take them aside a bit and tell them I want to try to get my girl to go home with me, so if we can all just leave the pub. My friends can always go back to the pub just moments later, and I can also go back with them if I failed to go with the girl.

I already knew that the girl lives about 20-30 minutes walk from the pub with her friend in a rented flat and but in separate rooms. Now how do I know this haha. I know all this since I asked her before while she was telling me about herself. So I asked questions like 'are you a student? do you rent a flat or live in the dorm? what's a student flat like here in Spain?' and so on. To her it seemed like I was just curious about her, which I was - but also I was checking out the logistics.

This may sound a bit nerdy and contrived to check for logistics and plan the moves like that, but I kept having BradP in my head again, emphasizing how logistics is the make-or-break for a same night pull more often than not. He mentions this throughout his material and especially in the UDS if I recall. So anyway these logistics are essential.

This goes well and we leave the pub together and I tell the girls we'll walk them home and then we guys will decide what we do next. Notice the funny thing is that the girls never said they want or plan to go home LOL. So this was pretty much me making a decision for them, "you're going home now" LOL. Of course they could always say 'no we don't wanna go home', but they talked a bit in Spanish among themselves and my girl said 'ok'. To me this seemed like a great sign that she is positive on me asking to go up home with her later. Anyway what do I have to lose, it's only a short walk.

We get to their place and as we stop near their building I immediately (before it all gets awkward) tell her 'so my friends want to go look for another pub now but I'm not really in a mood for more party, can you show me your house?' I was actually more specific in my question about the house, since she told me all kind of details about how some stuff in her house malfunctions in a funny way, so I was asking to see that. I added that 'I'll go to sleep later'. Which is of course quite fuzzy, when exactly is later and also where 😀 She says ok! My friends get it all and leave, in retrospect they told me they went back to that pub. I go upstairs with her and not much resistance from here. Her friend just went to her own room.

It was awesome and the girl was hot. I attribute my success to a few factors:

  • Dressing in a cool way to stand out in a positive manner (BradP's 'fashion bible' style)
  • Keeping my vibe good throughout the night by approaching even though I knew most approaches will fail due to language barrier (again following BradP's advice on approach anxiety)
  • Smoothly opening with 'horsegirl opener', the opener itself wasn't really doing any magic this time but it made opening easy for me because I had something to say right away that I felt comfortable with
  • Getting physical very quickly, moving in for the kiss without drama (learned from BradP's Underground Dating Seminar)
  • Logistics logistics logistics always on my mind, if there was anything 'calculated' in my behavior it was to sort out the logistics all the time. Again BradP emphasizes that a ton. I was also lucky the girl lived closed by and had her own room.
  • My friends were great wings, they didn't do any elaborate stuff but they played along in a cool way.

So it was an awesome night, obviously it wasn't BradP that got me laid (it's kind of weird to look at it like that) because it was me doing the good shit, but I was definitely following his ideas and mindset while I was doing things and it stopped me from making some big mistakes that would prevent the lay. So I do give BradP full credit for the guidance and that's why I think this lay report fits well in this blog dedicated to his stuff.

Feel free to comment if you think I could have done things even better!


Laid in Spain – The Break Down

Posted on January 17, 2012. By

Hola! So I'm back from some awesome holidays in south Spain. I was visiting a good friend who is studying there in an exchange program and I stayed for Christmas and NYE. Spain is still sunny this time of year and Spanish girls are feisty. Some of them are really hot (not all, but some of them are super hot) and literally all of them are hot tempered and stand their ground firmly. They don't get drunk much so to 'get loose' like it is many times back here in the US or so I've heard in the more northern parts of Europe. So badass game is an absolute must if you want to get some action in Spain.

Trying to picture 'the previous me' on these holidays, I would easily bet I wouldn't get any action what so ever with those Spanish girls, definitely not with the hot ones. I would have a great time yes and maybe have some girls be nice to me, but nothing more than that. However thanks to my progress and yet again thanks to BradP's teachings, I did hit the jackpot (got laid) with a great looking Spanish girl and had some more adventures besides that.

Breaking it down:

There were mostly 2 types of opportunities I had when I was there:

  • The first was the 'social circle' of my friend (his fellow foreign students who stayed for the holidays just like he did), these were girls from different countries (mostly from Europe and even a couple of girls from Russia)
  • The other was the nightclubs ('cold approach'), where I approached local Spanish girls.
brad p pickup

Girls in Seville just so you get a clue

Day game didn't really provide much opportunity when I was there, mostly because we really used most of the days to do some traveling in the area with a group of people, and stepping aside from the group like 'wait a sec y'all, I just want to approach this girl at the bus stop, please wait here, brb' was kind of a vibe killer. I just hardly had any 'free' time during the day.

In this 'field report' I will focus on the 'cold approach' club game, where I got my Spanish girl.

My outfit definitely played a positive role in this adventure. Spanish guys mostly dress very fashionable (they are high on fashion there, tv constantly has perfurme commericals etc.), but almost never anything too cool. I was putting on some cooler outfit, nothing too extreme but just so to give the 'foreign guy from a cooler place' feel. This is inspired by BradP's 'sexy stereotyping' idea, taken from his fashion bible.

Following BradP's logic, I figured what kind of attractive image I wanted to convey and went ahead with it. Just being a tourist definitely doesn't cut it in Spain since they get hordes of them. You want to be 'the guy from a cooler place', at least that's what I felt would be cool to do. So I went ahead with that (and it worked).

I will describe the approach-to-close itself in the upcoming post (to be expected within the next couple of days)!

Brad P. – Welcome to the fansite!

Posted on June 17, 2011. By

Welcome! I have just opened this website dedicated to learning game and to getting girls from the one person that helped my progress the most - BradP.

As I have personally witnessed a radical change in my results thanks to his material, I decided to open this fansite dedicated to all things BradP: free material, interviews, discussion of tactics and so on. I also plan to detail my own game progress here past and present and as time goes by.

I have just now opened the site, I definitely plan to update the content and resources regularly (although I may be away for the holidays, but definitely afterwards).

PS I am not a tech guy so I had the site technically set up by a friend of mine who is experienced in web development and has also helped build a couple of dating advice related sites in the past. However the content is all mine (and BradP's of course).

brad p.

Enjoy the resources already on the site and visit soon for more updates!