Brad P.’s Unofficial Biography

Please note that this is not an official biography but a summary based on information I diligently collected. I don't think you would need more than this summary if your initial purpose is to better your game!

Brad P. started out his adult life as a shy and reserved kid in highschool. In order to impress women, he was trying various ways such as playing in a youth band and excelling as a school athlete. While these endeavors helped him better his life in general, it did not seem to help his success with women. He later on in life took a job as a social worker.

As time went on Brad was experimenting in various ways so to improve his results with women. None of these ways involved trying out "PUA" stuff he pulled from the internet - the 'seduction community' was not well known at the time, and Brad P. was simply unaware of it. He was simply determined to make it work with women and evolved as he went on approaching and gaining field experience.

Two additional factors have made a strong positive impact on Brad P's learning process: First, his job at some point required extensive traveling around the country for a few months, a factor which forced him to focus on quick and 'high impact' interactions with women (aiming for quick makeouts and one night stands rather than dates or phone interactions).

The second factor was having several natural friends that he was hanging out with and learning from (some of which he met 'infield' as he was learning the craft himself).

One of these naturals is nicknamed 'The Pheromone Kid', known for his ability to get women into heavy sexual interactions within 10 minutes of first meeting them. Brad has made an awesome 3 hours interview with The Pheromone Kid, where The Pheromone Kid describes his method plus his general philosophies.

Brad P's pickup style

This is described in detail in his products and will also be elaborated on in this blog, but generally it is a combination of high impact type of game with a fun, positive and humorous vibe plus a high fashion sense.

This includes for example more 'daring' openers which get the girl involved right off the bat and quick sexual tension (quick touching or 'physical escalation'), but all is done is a vibe that is fun for the girl as well, and that is why it is so effective.

Brad P. uses a clear structure in his game although it is not rigid or over elaborate. His overall game may be described as a bit 'hard core'. To quote how Brad P. was described on one pickup related website: "a relentless, fun, positive and madly effective PUA you'll never have a dull moment with".

Brad P. concentrates on cold approaches and does a lot of solo game (without 'wingmen'). His close attention to fashion sense has allowed him to get some of the higher caliber women, and he has released an ebook about this topic as well (Brad's Fashion Bible).

Brad P. as a seduction teacher

Once Brad was already performing well with women he started teaching his craft to students he managed to gather (initially in NYC). At the time he was still completely unaware of the 'seduction community' (the pickup mentoring scene). Eventually it's his students that made him aware of this subculture, and he then started to incorporate some industry jargon into his teachings so to appeal to this new audience as well. As his teachings became more known and popular, he was also rated the #1 PUA in several pickup related websites.

However it is important to note that Brad P's teachings and material are not a byproduct of the pickup industry or of the 'seduction community', as he was not mentored by any of its 'gurus', but by his own experience and his natural friends. He therefore offers a very different mentality, as was mentioned earlier.

In the very recent years, Brad P. has put a much larger emphasis on online game, since this has become an extremely effective tool for getting girls, once you get the hang of it. He outlines his techniques in two new products, Online Spark and Textual Chemistry.

If you wish to dive into Brad P.'s material in a more systematic and organized way, he offers a 'total immersion' program called The 30 30 Club. The program traverses through Brad's teaching materials in an orderly way, and times your infield exercises so to assure you get the right mix of knowledge and implementation, which in turn deliver maximum real life results.

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