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Yo, my name is Matt (East Coast USA). I got introduced to BradP's material after investigating the internet scene on 'how to get girls'. I'm currently in my early 20's and before I bumped into BradP my success with women was hardly what I was looking for - I was approaching girls mostly in college, parties etc. (never random 'cold approaches' such as day game) and while I normally wasn't rejected harshly I also rarely got things going in the direction I really wanted to. My approaches were also pretty random and depended on my mood or on the comfort of the situation and so on. I guess this is pretty average for most people but my lack of real results (i.e. I was not getting what I wanted with girls) was frustrating me.

Eventually I bumped into the pickup scene (not BradP yet) via the internet and started trying some of this stuff. I admit that some of it I read about but didn't really try in real life, because it seemed too weird and whacked (the hypnosis stuff and so on). But I did try what even remotely made sense to me. In the bottom line I was approaching more which was good, I heard some guys had success with this stuff but for me STILL nothing cool was really happening with girls in the bottom line.

So eventually I bumped into BradP's material and that's where everything visibly changed for the better. I almost immediately liked his material a lot more than the other stuff I read before (but I want to talk about that more in the blog posts rather than on this page). My sexual interactions with girls started going much better (I mean the touching/"kino" during the approach, makeouts, heavier makeouts etc). I was definitely trying the sexual stuff during the approach before BradP (as I read it before from other pickup coaches) but it almost always creeped the girl out. I guess in retrospect with BradP's stuff it was just 'done right' as opposed to before, with a more positive/fun and cool feel to it so the girl is happy to take part. But again more on this in the blog posts.

Moving on, weekend following the first one after finding BradP - I ***FINALLY*** got laid, and the chick was super cute. Field report and the continuing progress afterwards will be written in the blog. The thing is that the turning point for me was VISIBLY getting introduced to BradP's material. Before that the seduction material I read and tried to implement when going out all felt like somewhat of a mess, and when I started doing BradP's stuff it felt CLEARLY different and the results were clearly different as well.

While I still have much to learn and improve, things look radically different now in my game and dating life. I got laid several times since this 'turnaround', most of the girls were ranging cute to hot, a few were same night lays (and maximum 'wait time' was 4th date). I approach in a much bigger variety of situations and get much much better responses, and I can translate a lot more approaches to dates and quick makeouts (quick makeouts in night game only for now, instant makeouts in daygame is still work in progress). I am constantly working on improving further and I'm eager to keep this up because I feel it's really going well now.

I feel that I owe this transformation to 2 factors: going out and 'doing the field work', and to BradP. This is since I was doing the fieldwork before as well (without and with 'guidance') and the results were not nearly as good as when I started doing the BradP stuff.

This is why I decided to open this fansite so I can talk about BradP's methods and material, document my own progress and introduce more people to what BradP teaches. I haven't even taken a bootcamp yet since this is too much for me to spend at the moment. I read the ebooks, listened to the underground seminar and interviews with naturals audios, plus listened to some free stuff floating around the web which I intend to gather on this blog.

Hopefully this site will become the ultimate BradP resource on the web besides his own website, and hopefully this in turn will help a lot of new people with their game!

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