Brad P.’s Fashion sense and what it means for your game!

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I've been asked to speak a bit about the whole 'fashion sense' thing that Brad P teaches in his 'Fashion Bible'. This has significantly helped boost my own results, and I know this because a few times girls straight out positively commented on my outfit and it seemed to have smoothed a significant part of the interaction.

Sometimes an interaction with a girl can really feel like an uphill battle and it's always nice that you have some 'built in weapon' to make things easier right off the bat before you even do any kind of talking. So dressing the right way does seem like a good way to achieve this and it proved itself in my case. The only question is "what is the right way to dress" and this is where Brad P's 'fashion sense' worked for me.

Most PUA teachers I was taking advice from don't really use fashion and the way they dress as a tool to boost their results (or at least they don't talk about it). Some of them just say 'dress your best' which is ok but duh, some say 'it doesn't matter at all how you dress' which is completely not true in my personal experience. Sure you can succeed picking up girls even when you dress bad but once again, it's going to be a uphill battle you are forcing on yourself for no real reason.

Now some PUA's definitely pay attention to the way they dress and they tend to dress very outlandish. This is pretty much forcing yourself into a corner because you have to have game and personality to match your too bold fashion statement. And it also appeals only to a very specific subset of girls. So really too many stars need to align for this to work on a regular basis.

brad p fashion bible

This girl definitely has a sense of fashion :))

So what I learned from Brad P is what I call 'calibrated dressing', which is dressing in a cool way both to be aligned with your personality and with the girl's desires. Basically every girl has a 'fantasy man' which is something comprised of what she saw in the media as she grew up. Usually it's some kind of tv star, model, pop/rock star and so on. Basically you want to fit that dogma in the way you dress, but not in an outlandish way, and it needs to sit well on you personally.

Most girls in my and my friends' experience are very forgiving about looks in terms of you not having a pretty face or a six pack. In fact it is by far less important to them than the way you carry yourself in terms of outfit and 'vibe'. I have proven this to myself infield about 10 times by now.
Don't get confused having a six pack and being a pretty boy will definitely help your result, but not as much as the above, so fashion sense is a much higher priority.

One thing is losing extra weight - I think it can fit into fashion sense in my opinion because it radiates that you neglect yourself. Not having a six pack or not being model-like looking doesn't radiate that you neglect yourself, it makes you just normal because most people don't have these things (myself included) yet they get results due to their fashion sense, personality, and game.

Going out soon so have to wrap - ok so tobe continued in part 2 should be this weekend! A lot more to write on this!

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