Brad P.’s Fashion sense continued – Sexy Stereotyping

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Continuing my fashion post! Sorry for being late! In the previous post I described how every girl has a 'fantasy man' which is usually comprised of what she sees in the media throughout her childhood/teenhood. E.g. rock/pop stars, actors etc. If you can somehow be the realistic version of her fantasy, you basically accomplished a large part of the pickup before you even approached, i.e. things go much much smoother right off the bat.

This is what Brad P calls 'sexy stereotyping', and this is what allows him to pick up 'superfly' girls without being some kind of celebrity or loaded with cash etc.

So this was my inspiration, and once I implemented this in my own game I definitely started seeing interactions going much smoother. See my previous post about my Spain lay as one example. Girls many time comment on my clothes and say 'you dress really cool' or 'I love your style'. This in my opinion translates in their mind that I AM COOL in general, and this is conveying a lot of good stuff, and most importantly it works in that the rest of the interaction is going much better.

A couple of clarifications about 'sexy stereotyping':

  • As I wrote above you aim to be a REALISTIC version of their fantasy man. This means you don't try to outright imitate a certain celebrity because that is retarded. This is hard to explain in this post but you get the exact feel of what needs to be done in 'the fashion bible'.
  • The outfit you choose needs to sit well on you personally. I think this is the cause of most problems of pickup gurus students, that they do something that doesn't sit well on them just because 'the guru does it'. You need to feel comfortable with what you do and it's up to the pickup guru to give you the tools for doing so in my opinion!

So the way to achieve 'sexy stereotyping right off the bat' is the way you dress - i.e. fashion. As "the Fashion Bible" really gets into huge details about how to do this right and it helped my game I recommend it here. Instead of making a huge post about this I decided to attach the table of contents as an image so you can get the picture.

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  1. I also find fashion to kick things up a notch for me. Girls even say this to me without me inquiring them about it. Definitely the guys that dress boring or underdress are not using this powerful and very basic tool. I mean how many times did a girl dress hot and that made an ultimate different for you? Same for girls plus extra because they have a good eye for fashion.

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