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Hey everyone! Without further ado here is my field report about the Pheromone Kid success which I promised in this post. Please read that post for very essential information. The nuances are crucial and cannot be delivered in a blog post. Listen to the Pheromone Kid interview to get the hang of it, seriously. The field report is so to get you inspired and prove to you that IT WORKS.

pheromone kid 10 minutes seduction

The pickup:

So I'm out at the club. It was not too crowded and the atmosphere was cool. I was approaching a lot, sort of in 'work mode', i.e. dedicated to approaching but not doing it like a robot and a soulless freak. I was putting my heart in the approaches, but just made sure that I'm doing a lot of them - as a rule of thumb, not missing out on obviously cool situations. I didn't approach girls with boyfriends or bullshit like that, but any 'classic' situation, I pushed myself to give it a try.

Most of the approaches were not going anywhere, I wasn't harshly rejected except one girl (who most would define as a 9 I believe), who didn't blow me out rudely but kind of answered coldly and then just stopped participating in the conversation waiting for me to leave. I counted to 10 and left, moving on, no hassle, no hard feelings.

In fact, all this action kind of got me 'in the zone' and I decided to try do the Pheromone Kid move. I tried it one time before and and the girl was like laughing a bit and said 'no thanks'. It was in good spirit so no tragedy there but nothing real came out of it. In retrospect, I think I did it too much out of the blue without any vibe, so it fell flat. But anyway I decide to go for it again.

So there's a cute girl there sitting near the dance floor which I was eying before and already knew that she's there with girl friends so I figured maybe she'll be open to this approach (won't be worried about her male friends or boyfriend). I came over and said 'hey'. She says 'hey'. Started some neutral conversation. How's your night and so on. Did the horse girl opener from Instant Attraction. She laughed. Atmosphere was positive between us - this is key. Then I went for the kill.

'Hey listen, all this talking to you and you're quite a hot girl, has made me kind of horny. Now I'm not going to be rude and try something physical with you so quickly, but I'm like going to the bathroom to like, relieve myself. Would you like to come and watch? I think it will be kinda hot'.

She looks at me for a few seconds and goes 'that's the craziest thing I've ever heard'. I improvise: 'doesn't it make it even more hot?' She's says: 'hmmm..' I don't let her finish her thoughts and say 'come on let's go to the bar'.

Basically she didn't buy into it right away as you can see. But she wasn't freaked out and the vibe didn't turn sour. I avoided the maybe-upcoming awkward moment by immediately offering to go to the bar - which is cool because we can change atmosphere, have a drink together and I can try to escalate, regardless of the initial 'come with me to the bathroom' thing.

So we went together to the bar. Now you may be thinking: "ok so, you made the move, she didn't buy it, now you went to the bar which doesn't necessarily mean anything. how come you say it worked?"

Well here's why. Once we arrived at the bar like 20 seconds later, her entire attitude changed. She became much more sexual towards me. The bar had $2 beer so I just ordered 2 beers without asking her what she wants, making it obvious that we're just getting cheap drinks together and it's not that I'm 'sponsoring' her alcohol or anything.

Once we had the beers in our hands she started getting really close to me. Seductive looks, putting her face right in front of mine, sexual silence. It was more than obvious that she was looking for me to make a move and kiss her. I put my beer on a table next to us, she did the same right away without even looking at it. You have to be a moron not to move for the kiss now and I did.

We started making out like mad. She was all over me, hands all over me and constantly venturing towards my dick but not really getting there, which I figured was because we were in public, and she wasn't ready to go that far in public. It was like her saying 'I want to, but not here'. I was wondering if I ask her about the bathroom again, if she will comply this time. But decided not to take the risk. Why? I firmly believed it's full on, why start with bathroom stuff? I need to try to pull her home. That's what crossed my mind anyway.

I took her by the hand and said 'let's go out and get some air'. We went out and walked for like 2 minutes - which was towards the taxi stand (deliberately on my part). We kept sexually touching with our hands (hands touching hands sexually) during this time - meaning it's still very on.

Once we were near the taxis I said 'I know a place we can get some great drinks, come on'. We just went into the taxi. She knew what's going on 100%. Gave the driver my address, went to my place and went upstairs. Put some music on, started kissing again, and had a wild night. Mind you no alcohol was consumed not at my place and even in the club, we bought the cheap beers and left them there without taking even a sip.

So that's what happened, and here's my short recap and analysis:

  • Went out, kept good mood and active mood (approached a lot). Many approaches didn't pan out, no worries. If anything it got me to be more daring.
  • Got in the daring mood, tried the Pheromone Kid move on a girl. Started with milder conversation, vibe was positive so went for it.
  • She did NOT fall for it per se. I didn't take her to the bathroom. Avoided awkwardness and told her let's go to the bar.
  • This was key because in this very short walk to the bar, the PHEROMONE KID MAGIC happened. While she didn't fall for the move per se, it got her really sexual and horny, she literally made up her mind she wants to have sex with me, period. This would have NOT happened if I didn't run Pheromone Kid. Bottom line is Pheromone Kid turned the tables here.

Pheromone Kid definitely works -- but be flexible how you run it. She may not fall for the initial opener per se, but it can get her super sexually charged and if you play it right, you hit the jackpot. I think me creating a positive vibe before running the actual opener and spinning away from awkwardness when it presented itself was key.

Go and run Pheromone Kid. But be sure you get the feel of this method 100% right before you do, otherwise you'll just be the worst freak. The interview of Pheromone kid with Brad P. does a very good job with delivering this method.

Hopefully my report got you inspired! Ask questions in the comments!

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  1. Nice pickup and great analysis!

  2. LOL this is too awesome, I’m going to try this out!

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