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Welcome! I have just opened this website dedicated to learning game and to getting girls from the one person that helped my progress the most - BradP.

As I have personally witnessed a radical change in my results thanks to his material, I decided to open this fansite dedicated to all things BradP: free material, interviews, discussion of tactics and so on. I also plan to detail my own game progress here past and present and as time goes by.

I have just now opened the site, I definitely plan to update the content and resources regularly (although I may be away for the holidays, but definitely afterwards).

PS I am not a tech guy so I had the site technically set up by a friend of mine who is experienced in web development and has also helped build a couple of dating advice related sites in the past. However the content is all mine (and BradP's of course).

brad p.

Enjoy the resources already on the site and visit soon for more updates!


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  1. Liking this site, some interesting writeups.

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