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So here is the breakdown from approach to close in the nightclub in Seville:

Basically I went with 2 male friends to party in Seville on the weekend. Walking around we stumbled upon a pub/club with a dance floor which looked pretty crowded and there was no cover charge so we just went in. Sorry but I can't remember the name of it, not sure I even looked to check. We just saw a party so we waltzed in 😉

As mentioned in Part 1 I was dressed a bit stand-outish, but not freakish (following BradP's advice in the Fashion Bible. I was with 2 friends who were also looking to get laid (but they weren't seduction community guys or dedicated pickup artists or anything like that) so I could approach a lot without my friends discouraging me.

I initially approached a couple of girls at the bar. No English on their side. This is common in Spain by the way, take into consideration that more than half of your approaches will be immediately cancelled out by the girl speaking no English (and also not willing to 'get physical without a word being said', in case some of you are wondering. Typically Spanish girls just doesn't go for this..). So first approach is 2 Spanish girls at the bar, but no English. I try to keep some more minimum interaction going for a few more seconds just so to keep the social and positive vibe on.

Now this is mega important so to keep 'social anxiety' off the table. Always be doing some social stuff, talking, approaching, keeping 'impossible' interactions going for a few more seconds even though those specific girls will not go to bed with you. Don't do this in an overtly obsessive and creepy manner, be easy going about it all, but still do this.
This attitude (which I learned from BradP's approach anxiety drills, does wonders for me in my approaches here in the US and definitely did in Spain where many girls didn't speak English. It kept me 'on a roll' even though the environment was not easy to say the least.

Anyway a few more approaches went by and on to my 'golden' approach: there was a girl on the border of the dancefloor, just standing there with her friend. I think she just wanted to dance but the floor was too crowded. Or whatever. I stand next to her and start talking: The Horsegirl opener. I know this is soooo corny if you're an avid BradP student, but hey, the girl isn't 🙂 So why not go for it. So I go "do you like horses?" She looks at me and says "yes". Speaks English, that's a start.. I continue with the opener, and her final response is "I can't be the girl you know that likes horses, because you are not from here." D-u-h. She didn't really laugh at the opener but she seemed ok about me talking to her.

I take her to dance without asking and even though the dance floor is pretty crowded. This is so to get touching going right away, 'blow me or blow me out' style as BradP says, but once again not in a creepy manner. I keep mentioning this 'not in a creepy manner' thing because as I wrote in my 'about-me' page, 'getting touchy' is something mentioned almost by every PUA teacher, but what made the difference for me personally was the 'delivery' of it in a more positive and fun vibe, which makes all the difference in my personal experience, and this distinction was made in my head thanks to BradP only.

She accepts the dance gesture and we start dancing. Her friend just keeps standing there but smiling, so she was ok with it. Also we're still very close by to her friend, so it's not really that she is 'left behind'. We talk while dancing quite a bit but no 'material' was used, just the basic stuff of where I'm from, why I'm here, about her and so on. She comments on my outfit (said 'I like your clothes') so this proves the whole fashion bible thing.

While dancing, I didn't want her to quickly go back to her friend and leave me in the cold (this happened a few times in the past) so I offered we look for my friends and have a seat or at least stand around and have a drink together (most tables seemed taken). So we were 2 girls and 3 guys now, with me obviously going for one girl and 2 of my friends with the other girl, so unless something kinky was in the works (some weird 5-some, which wasn't really on the table), my friends were pretty much winging me and not much else at the moment.

As we are standing there all of us talking, I ask my girl if she wants to go to the bar so we can buy drinks. She says she and her friend don't drink alcohol but she can come with me if I want to buy drinks for me and my own friends. Good sign since she goes with me even she doesn't even want the drink. In line to the bar I just try to kiss her. She goes for it. This was awesome.

So I'm psyched that it's going cool, at this point it's pretty much 'don't screw it up' as far as I can understand it. Keep it all positive and try to get her to leave with you as soon as possible (as long as once again 'you make it sounds right' and not make some sudden weird move like "hey ok drop everything let's go right now to my place and fuck" or something).

So I think about all of this while we are waiting at the bar. Wanting to try to get her to leave with me quickly (again thanks BradP for emphasizing this over and over), and knowing that she doesn't even want a drink, I decide to go for a different scenario. I tell my girl: 'hey you know what, the line here is too long and drinks are expensive here anyway. Let me ask my friends what they want to do'. We go back and I take them aside a bit and tell them I want to try to get my girl to go home with me, so if we can all just leave the pub. My friends can always go back to the pub just moments later, and I can also go back with them if I failed to go with the girl.

I already knew that the girl lives about 20-30 minutes walk from the pub with her friend in a rented flat and but in separate rooms. Now how do I know this haha. I know all this since I asked her before while she was telling me about herself. So I asked questions like 'are you a student? do you rent a flat or live in the dorm? what's a student flat like here in Spain?' and so on. To her it seemed like I was just curious about her, which I was - but also I was checking out the logistics.

This may sound a bit nerdy and contrived to check for logistics and plan the moves like that, but I kept having BradP in my head again, emphasizing how logistics is the make-or-break for a same night pull more often than not. He mentions this throughout his material and especially in the UDS if I recall. So anyway these logistics are essential.

This goes well and we leave the pub together and I tell the girls we'll walk them home and then we guys will decide what we do next. Notice the funny thing is that the girls never said they want or plan to go home LOL. So this was pretty much me making a decision for them, "you're going home now" LOL. Of course they could always say 'no we don't wanna go home', but they talked a bit in Spanish among themselves and my girl said 'ok'. To me this seemed like a great sign that she is positive on me asking to go up home with her later. Anyway what do I have to lose, it's only a short walk.

We get to their place and as we stop near their building I immediately (before it all gets awkward) tell her 'so my friends want to go look for another pub now but I'm not really in a mood for more party, can you show me your house?' I was actually more specific in my question about the house, since she told me all kind of details about how some stuff in her house malfunctions in a funny way, so I was asking to see that. I added that 'I'll go to sleep later'. Which is of course quite fuzzy, when exactly is later and also where 😀 She says ok! My friends get it all and leave, in retrospect they told me they went back to that pub. I go upstairs with her and not much resistance from here. Her friend just went to her own room.

It was awesome and the girl was hot. I attribute my success to a few factors:

  • Dressing in a cool way to stand out in a positive manner (BradP's 'fashion bible' style)
  • Keeping my vibe good throughout the night by approaching even though I knew most approaches will fail due to language barrier (again following BradP's advice on approach anxiety)
  • Smoothly opening with 'horsegirl opener', the opener itself wasn't really doing any magic this time but it made opening easy for me because I had something to say right away that I felt comfortable with
  • Getting physical very quickly, moving in for the kiss without drama (learned from BradP's Underground Dating Seminar)
  • Logistics logistics logistics always on my mind, if there was anything 'calculated' in my behavior it was to sort out the logistics all the time. Again BradP emphasizes that a ton. I was also lucky the girl lived closed by and had her own room.
  • My friends were great wings, they didn't do any elaborate stuff but they played along in a cool way.

So it was an awesome night, obviously it wasn't BradP that got me laid (it's kind of weird to look at it like that) because it was me doing the good shit, but I was definitely following his ideas and mindset while I was doing things and it stopped me from making some big mistakes that would prevent the lay. So I do give BradP full credit for the guidance and that's why I think this lay report fits well in this blog dedicated to his stuff.

Feel free to comment if you think I could have done things even better!


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  1. Nice execution of the principles, happy it worked.

    Can you elaborate more on the ‘fashion bible’ thing? What exactly were you wearing and how did the girls react? How much effect you think this had?

  2. You just got lucky, what’s all the fuss? retarded

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