Laid in Spain – The Break Down

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Hola! So I'm back from some awesome holidays in south Spain. I was visiting a good friend who is studying there in an exchange program and I stayed for Christmas and NYE. Spain is still sunny this time of year and Spanish girls are feisty. Some of them are really hot (not all, but some of them are super hot) and literally all of them are hot tempered and stand their ground firmly. They don't get drunk much so to 'get loose' like it is many times back here in the US or so I've heard in the more northern parts of Europe. So badass game is an absolute must if you want to get some action in Spain.

Trying to picture 'the previous me' on these holidays, I would easily bet I wouldn't get any action what so ever with those Spanish girls, definitely not with the hot ones. I would have a great time yes and maybe have some girls be nice to me, but nothing more than that. However thanks to my progress and yet again thanks to BradP's teachings, I did hit the jackpot (got laid) with a great looking Spanish girl and had some more adventures besides that.

Breaking it down:

There were mostly 2 types of opportunities I had when I was there:

  • The first was the 'social circle' of my friend (his fellow foreign students who stayed for the holidays just like he did), these were girls from different countries (mostly from Europe and even a couple of girls from Russia)
  • The other was the nightclubs ('cold approach'), where I approached local Spanish girls.
brad p pickup

Girls in Seville just so you get a clue

Day game didn't really provide much opportunity when I was there, mostly because we really used most of the days to do some traveling in the area with a group of people, and stepping aside from the group like 'wait a sec y'all, I just want to approach this girl at the bus stop, please wait here, brb' was kind of a vibe killer. I just hardly had any 'free' time during the day.

In this 'field report' I will focus on the 'cold approach' club game, where I got my Spanish girl.

My outfit definitely played a positive role in this adventure. Spanish guys mostly dress very fashionable (they are high on fashion there, tv constantly has perfurme commericals etc.), but almost never anything too cool. I was putting on some cooler outfit, nothing too extreme but just so to give the 'foreign guy from a cooler place' feel. This is inspired by BradP's 'sexy stereotyping' idea, taken from his fashion bible.

Following BradP's logic, I figured what kind of attractive image I wanted to convey and went ahead with it. Just being a tourist definitely doesn't cut it in Spain since they get hordes of them. You want to be 'the guy from a cooler place', at least that's what I felt would be cool to do. So I went ahead with that (and it worked).

I will describe the approach-to-close itself in the upcoming post (to be expected within the next couple of days)!

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