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Hey everyone! If you're too douche to read my entire post here's the practical advice in one line: Do online game. Use Brad P.'s Textual Chemistry.

Now please read my post 🙂

So yes I'm still around, and actually just came out of a long term relationship just a few months ago, so I'm back in the field again. But I will not get into my relationship story here since I'm sure it doesn't interest anyone and, it's personal.

Anyway, 2+ years have passed..

and the times have changed.

I don't mean that I have changed. I haven't really.

THE FIELD has changed.

Mainly, if you're out to meet girls, for a quick adventure and especially for meeting a long term girlfriend, here's a very quick summary of the field in 2015:

Clubs are out. Online is in.

You can debate me on this in the comments if you want, but I doubt anyone will actually disagree. And this trend will only grow stronger.

I mean clubs are still fun and night game is definitely good for the soul. And daygame is always good in my book since it's basically meeting girls as you go about your day, and that's always awesome.

But as far as effectiveness and the amount of girls available to you, nothing comes remotely close to online dating. The gap is so huge it's ridiculous really, no matter how good your real life game is.

I look at it this way: If your workplace is one hour walk away, it's very healthy and fun to go to work by foot. But taking the subway will get you there in 10th of the time. No matter how fast you walk. So the choice is up to you.

Lucky for me Brad P., who has snapped me out of my virginity back in the day and has been by far the top guide to getting girls in my life, arrived at the same conclusion as I and the rest of the world, and is into online game now as well.

Actually he's been doing online game since Myspace (remember that site haha), but he's definitely stepped it up dramatically.

So during the few months after my breakup, here's a very quick recap of what I've been doing:

- Getting all down and whiny over the breakup - about a couple of weeks.

- Feeling ok already, starting to go out again, re-reading some of Brad P's stuff that got me laid in the past.

- Getting some results (makeouts, first lay after about 10 days).

- Getting into online game (mainly Tinder and POF).

- Overwhelmed by the potential and getting more positive responses than I expected, but getting a lot of flakes or no responses as well. Getting some dates but not with the top girls there.

- Getting Textual Chemistry, which is basically Brad P.'s material about online game. It covers the whole scene and texting (watch his video on the link, no point in me repeating everything here).

- Tweaking my online and text game as instructed.

- Seeing much better response rates and much easier conversions to dates literally immediately.

- Even seeing better conversion from dates to lays (explained below). I am not looking for a girlfriend at the moment as I just broke up with one, but you're bound to see better conversion with that as well (again I'm getting into that in a moment).

So Brad YET AGAIN gave a radical boost to my game results.

online dating sucks

Now about 'conversion' of dates to lays: As I said the material helped me here too, when you go on a date which originated online it's a bit different than with a girl you met offline.

However, what happens on the actual date also depends on your overall personality and game, since it's already a real life date. Of course this applies even more if you want a girlfriend and not just one night stands.

If you're in need of a 'complete overhaul' of your game and personality when it comes to dating I can recommend 30 30 Club which takes care of exactly that, and I've actually received a few emails from guys who took it and had great success with it, since it's a step by step long term program. It's more organized than the way I went through Brad P.'s material back in the day.

But, to stick to online game which is what this blog post is about - if you want to get ahead of that, I highly recommend the 'Brad P. online dating package' which I used.

Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions. And honestly if you're one of the dudes that hates online game, trust my personal experience you're just doing it wrong.

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  1. 100% agree that online is where it’s at. I’ve been cleaning up so much online that doing night game would be silly. When I do go out. I feel like it’s a huge waists of time, because the quality I’m getting offline is better than the hottest girl at the bar/club. Not only that but they are dead compared to 5-10 years ago. I’m 35, I’ve noticed this younger generation doesn’t go out. They must be watching porn, playing video games or getting their doctorate. I don’t know.

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