Some insight about the character of model girls

Posted on September 15, 2012. By Daniel R. (guest at the Brad P. blog)

Hey all, this is Daniel and I am posting as a guest on Matt's blog. Thanks to Matt I got exposed to Brad P. and although I dare say I have pretty good game of my own I really like what I heard from Brad P. so far. So when Matt offered I will write some of my own insights here and I am more than happy to do so. This post will be about high caliber girls.

I have done some modelling photography projects. Models are just like any other girl, often very afraid though, because they have come from far away, often on temporary (I kid you not) "modelling visas", and have signed up for a modelling agency whose "bosses" make sure they get back to the agency within twenty milliseconds of the end of a session (so much for approaching them!).

Only a few support themselves as models (doing catalog work for huge chain store catalogs), whereas the real millionaire "supermodels" are not even a part of the scene. I would say that models are more "people" than even normal girls, because they see right through the "social matrix" about buying products to get girls. And I disagree that they get "hit on all the time" because during model shots we apply lighting and makeup (two hours!) and then use Photoshop to fix their zits and love handles. They are lost in a dream.

Most support themselves either as high class hostesses at restaurants for minimum wage, or work on the side as $2000/hr escorts. But! Unless they are coming from a fashion shoot, you would hardly recognize most of them as even being "models".

I don't like models, during actual business work. But they are fun to talk to when they are in the real world.

Contrary to ordinary belief, it is relatively easier to get these 10's (high caliber girls). I think people put these hot girls too much on the pedestal. Guys you have to know that these girls are still humans who eat and take a shit just like everyone. They have more insecurities because they know that they get too much attention because of their looks and they also know that they won't be beautiful forever.

You don't need any METHODS for these girls, jeeez. Just treat them differently (like an ordinary human being with a mind of her own) than all the other millions of men are treating her (putting her on the pedestal like a sex object) and she will be much more interested in you.

Carrying on from what was said about beautiful women and their flaws - I have 4 elder sisters and since the beginning of puberty until now I've been surrounded by their friends and have been able to become accustomed to the world's greatest "curiosities" that are women.

One in particular stands out in my mind: she's the best friend of my 2nd eldest sister, is an Investment Banker so is incredibly intelligent and is absolutely drop dead gorgeous - I'm talking 9.5 out of 10.

Every single fucking guy I've heard her moan about or bitch about has been way "below her" according to my sister, her friends, society, blah blah blah - and it always amazed me how a woman of such "caliber" could get caught up in such shitty relationships. Then it hit me: every single person in the world has been so fazed by what the girl looks like that she just cannot catch a break.

Honestly - I've been to bars with my sister and her friends and counted in one night about 30 or 40 guys either stare at her or whistle from afar (but not dare to approach) and only have the balls to do something when they're fucked off of their faces on Coronas thus making assholes of themselves.

Now I appreciate that it's really not that difficult to get these women because other people - men, women, their families and society in general - has ostracized them. Think about it: this girl can't go out alone without some idiot trying to look big in front of his buddies and making a crude comment so they become incredibly adept at spotting bullshitters from a mile off.

And that's why they end up with guys who do have the balls to approach them but treat them like shit because such men will oftentimes have many women at their disposal.

It must be fucking tough to have other women bitch about you out of spite; men assume you're a bitch because you intimidate them because of what you look like and the world think you've been given everything to you on silver platter because you've got great tits.

Actually being genuine to these girls makes a BIG positive difference.

So much about mentality. Now about appearance - I was going to write some tips here but influenced by Matt I did check out Brad P.'s Fashion Bible and it definitely hits the spot 10 times better than me when it comes to standing out positively looks wise.

So if you follow this lead about fashion plus the mentality I gave you above you should be hitting homeruns soon enough.

Daniel R.

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  1. Interesting observations, thanks!

  2. Thanks for info

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