The Pheromone Kid

Posted on April 15, 2013. By

It worked for me boys and girls!! The second time I tried it. so it's time to share the story.

First of all I would like to apologize for not updating the blog for a while! I've been doing a bunch of stuff lately which I may write about on another post but I would like this post to concentrate on The Pheromone Kid and on my first hand experience with his method.

So 'Pheromone Kid' is a nickname for BradP's natural friend, a dude who invented, and applied numerous times, in night game as well as day game, a '10 minutes seduction method' where he's getting girls into the nearest bathroom/toilet with him for sexual action literally 10 minutes after he approaches them. It ends in a lay many times but even when it doesn't, things get hot and heavy anyways (they just stop somewhere short of a lay, but there's still heavy stuff going on).

Basically Pheromone Kid has a specific type of approach he is using for this, which is a combination of certain things he says and a general laid back, 'take it or leave it', 'i'm no threat it's all in good fun' attitude. Plus he is very attentive to the girl's responses and he tones himself up or down according to her reactions -- this is KEY.

Because with what he does, it's very easy to appear as a freak, so the attitude and working with the feedback you get from the girl really matters here, even more than the words. For these reasons it is essential that you listen to the audio interview with him (it is more than 3 hours long).

The nuances that he delivers in the interview with BradP are CRUCIAL for this to work and there is no way to shortcut this into a blog post or a forum discussion or whatever. If you just read about the method in a nutshell and try it in field, all you will do is appear like a freak, and miss out on a very potent method of getting girls into sexual situations very rapidly.

So I am not writing this post so to 'describe the method' because as I just wrote, that will defeat the purpose (the purpose being using it CORRECTLY so to get women into sexual situations very quickly). You need to listen to the interview. But what I am going to do is write a 'field report' of how I implemented this method, and how it kicked ass for me, since I'm still kind of psyched about how I got this to work first hand and so quickly.

To be continued.. Expect part 2 in the few days!

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